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Barrett Technology®, Inc. is the technology leader of high- performance manipulators for robotics research and emerging applications requiring superior adaptability, programmability, and dexterity. In fact, our WAM™ arm is listed in the Guinness 2000 Book of World Records as the world’s most advanced robotic arm!

Barrett Technology® manufactures a complete line of robotic arm and hand manipulators. Each product’s innovative design provides state-of-the-art functionality and capability, and enables integration with existing technology for customer convenience.

Barrett Technology® offers high-quality services to ensure customer satisfaction. Barrett’s services include pre-sale consultation, post-sale customer support and warranty, and subscription services.

The robotics industry is growing at a remarkable rate. However, the underlying mechanical and drive technologies have remained stagnant, allowing Barrett Technology the opportunity to differentiate itself. Barrett welcomes you to explore its Web site, and discover how Barrett Technology achieved its reputation for being the pioneer in advanced robotic arms and hands.

Products we distribute: