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Robotnik and Itera collaborate in the development of the “Symphony”

Research and development of intelligent technology management system with multifunctional capabilities for operational improvement in the industry project. Supported by the Valencian Agency of Innovation, the objective of this project is the development of the technologies necessary to have robots and mobile manipulators easy to integrate and use. These technologies include advanced robot and operator location... Read More

Autonomous robotics to implement precision agriculture

Inside the iDRONE project, funded by IVACE, AINIA has developed a model of precision agriculture based on hyperspectral vision sensors, unmanned flight devices (drones and autonomous robots) and the application of Artificial Intelligence techniques and Big data analytics. The application of these advanced technologies in the tasks of the field will allow the farmer to... Read More


One of the axioms of the industry is that it is necessary to produce as efficiently as possible in the shortest possible time. It follows that one of the most important factors in most industrial processes is time, which has been increasingly optimized thanks to process automation. Among them, the search for increasingly sophisticated solutions... Read More

Robotnik exhibits its robots for industry 4.0 in the UCLM event

Robotnik has just participated in the conference about collaborative robotics and industry 4.0 organized by the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM). In it, Robotnik contributed with its experience in collaborative robotics, showing real cases for the industry. The conference held by María Benítez, Marketing Director of Robotnik, helped to present the advantages of collaborative mobile... Read More

Robotnik launches the new RB-KAIROS 16

Robotnik launches the new RB-KAIROS 16, an omnidirectional mobile robot that integrates the new Universal Robots UR16 manipulator. With this latest addition, the RB-KAIROS product range increases its payload in the final effector up to 16 kg, improving the possibilities in applications such as pick & place, metrology, screwing, drilling, loading/unloading of machinery, quality control,... Read More

Vuelven las Jornadas Nacionales de Robótica

La próxima edición de las Jornadas Nacionales de Robótica, organizadas por el Comité Español de Automática (CEA), tendrá lugar en Alicante los días 13 y 14 de junio de 2019, continuando las ediciones celebradas anteriormente en Valladolid en 2018 y en Valencia en 2017. Robotnik, como en años anteriores asistirá para dar a conocer nuestra visión sobre... Read More

Learn ROS with a SUMMIT-XL from Robotnik

The Construct is the company world leader in teaching ROS online. Every Tuesday it spreads a free ROS Live Class on its Youtube channel, where attendants can learn and practice a ROS subject. The Construct has been teaching courses on ROS programming of our SUMMIT-XL in a simulated environment, but recently we understood that these... Read More

Article in Robohub about the AIDE project

Robohub notes to the results of the project AIDE, which develops an automated wheelchair with an exoskeleton robotic arm for use in the home. The idea is that the next-generation of wheelchairs could incorporate brain-controlled robotic arms and rentable add-on motors in order to help people with disabilities more easily carry out daily tasks or get around... Read More

Robotnik launches its new range of RB-Vulcano products

The new line of products is focused on industrial applications and complements the new product portfolio. The new RB-VULCANO is designed, manufactured and marketed by Robotnik. This is the result of Robotnik´s experience for more than 17 years in the Mobile Robotics Sector. A new line of products that expands and complements the product portfolio... Read More

The importance of having a turnkey solution

Process automation through collaborative mobile robotics is already a reality that, far from stagnating, will continue. However, there are still many companies that are reluctant to include these new technologies in their facilities for several reasons. The main argument is that these robots are not safe yet, they are not simple to use to justify... Read More

Robotnik in Advanced Factories 2019

Robotnik will present its solution for intralogistics at Advanced Factories The RB-2 BASE collects, transports and automatically delivers goods up to 200 kg Robotnik, European leader in collaborative mobile robotics since 2002, will attend the 3rd edition of Advanced Factories, to be held in Barcelona from 9th to 11th April at the International Convention Center of Barcelona. At... Read More

Collaboration between a mobile robot SUMMIT-XL and a drone DJI Matrix 100

Collaboration between a land mobile robot “Summit XL” and a drone “DJI Matrix 100” for the realization of an automated inventory in logistics warehouse, developed by the Université du Havre.  The acquisition of inventory data is done from an Android application installed on a smartphone under the drone C.E.H HARIK, F.GUERIN, F.GUINAND, J.F.BRETHE, H.PELVILLAIN –... Read More

SUMMIT-XL connected to ROS Development Studio (TheConstructSim)

The Construct  has just launched a video with the mapping program is running in the ROSDS, the environment is shown in rviz, with the data comming from the real SUMMIT-XL: Programming the SUMMIT-XL from Robotnik in ROSDS is very easy, it allows to forget setting nor configuring your computer, just by pressing a button, the code does not... Read More

What is SWARM Logistics Assistant?

SWARM Logistics Assistant comes up from H2020 CPSwarm project. In it, Robotnik contributes with its knowledge in Cyber Phisical Systems. Robotnik has large experience in ROS, software used by all their robots, furthermore in the simulation software. The project has several mobile platforms from Robotnik, which are working to supporting the workers in tedious tasks... Read More

Mobile manipulators for industry: the future is now

Industry 4.0 has opened the way to multiple forms of automation that aim to optimize productivity and improve work processes. There are many companies, of different sizes, that already have different collaborative robots, that is, those that are designed to share with people a work environment with total security. The mobile manipulators (robot arm onboard... Read More

Happy 2019

We would like to wish you all a wonderful holiday season. It has been a pleasure collaborating with you this year and we look forward to doing so again in 2019. Here’s hoping that the New Year is in every way complete. With HAPPINESS, SUCCESS, good HEALTH and all that makes LIFE SWEET. Happy New... Read More

European Robotics Week 2018

    Our daily life is in constant contact with robots, they can care for the elderly, children and the sick, parade as models or play as pets. They are present in hospitals, logistics companies, factories, car parks, airports, universities and our own homes. All these technological advances in robotics, which years ago were seen... Read More

The Robotnik’s CEO at ROS Developers Podcast

Ricardo Tellez, the founder of The Constuct, the leader online academy to learn development with ROS for robots, in his podcast “ROS Developers Podcast” has interviewed Roberto Guzman, CEO of Robotnik. In the podcast, Roberto Guzman told about how to speed up a robot building by using certified ROS components and how easy he feels... Read More

Robotnik, the solution for interior logistics according to Interempresas.net

Interempresas.net has published the article today: Robotnik lanza su website para logística interior. The number one platform of the Spanish language industry highlights the advantages of collaborative robots for SMEs and the integral solution offered by Robotnik Logistics. They say Robotnik Logistics that contains the solution and portfolio of collaborative mobile robots for internal transport... Read More

The Robotnik I-SUPPORT project appears on CORDIS

CORDIS, the online platform of information dedicated to the research, development and innovation activities of the EU, has published an article about the I-SUPPORT project in which Robotnik has participated. Rafael López, R&D Manager at Robotnik, led the I-SUPPORT team to develop an advanced, safe and independent system that can assist in tasks such as washing,... Read More

Próximo evento: ayri11 2018

Los próximos días 16, 17 y 18 de octubre tendrá lugar una nueva edición del congreso ayri11 sobre Automatización y Robótica Industrial. Esta edición se celebra en el marco del salón In(3D)ustry 2018, en el recinto de Montjuïc de Fira de Barcelona. Organizado por las principales empresas del sector de la robótica industrial y la automatización,... Read More


‘Noticias del CIDEC’ dedica un amplio reportaje a la trayectoria de Robotnik, focalizándose en su faceta como Sociedad Limitada Laboral. La publicación hace un extenso recorrido por la historia de  la empresa, desde su fundación en 2002 hasta su último gran éxito de diseño y desarrollo: Eli, el primer carro de compra autónomo. Robotnik, empresa líder en Europa dentro del sector de... Read More


  Robotnik has officially launched a new version of the SUMMIT-XL STEEL. The new platform of the SUMMIT-XL family stands out for having an ultra-resistant steel structure, omnidirectional configuration and is able to carry 200 kg payload. Like its predecessor, uses open architecture and modular control based on ROS and easily allows the integration of a wide list of... Read More

The Emerging Spring of Artificial Intelligence

Robotnik has a very long track record of participations in EU research projects. Since 2004 we are collaborating with different institutions and companies on the development of state-of-the-art robotic platforms for many different applications, such as border surveillance, firefighting, tunnel inspection or swarming behaviours. The last EU research project, started on July 2018 and with... Read More

Barbie tiene nueva profesión: Ingeniera en Robótica

De la asociación Mattel y Tynker surge la nueva Barbie: ¡Barbie Ingeniera en Robótica! y​,​ claro, a​ Robotnik ​le ha fascinado.​ La nueva Barbie, bajo el cuño Profesión del año 2018, ha sido lanzada al mercado en cuatro tonos de piel diferentes. En los cuatro casos con el pelo recogido, gafas de seguridad y​,​ por supuesto, un ordenador portátil lleno de... Read More

No, los robots no nos dejarán sin trabajo

El Instituto Cuatrecasas cree que la robotización redistribuirá el empleo Advierte de que una excesiva regulación puede poner en riesgo la innovación La creciente automatización de la economía y la presencia, cada vez mayor, de la robótica supone una importante fuerza disruptiva para las empresas. Precisamente, en saber adaptarse a ello se encuentra su éxito o... Read More

E-mart introduces Eli, the autonomous shopping cart developed by Robotnik

E-mart, a Korean chain operator, has just presented an autonomous shopping cart: Eli. This autonomous and collaborative shopping cart has been developed by Robotnik in collaboration with its partner Gaitech Robotics. Eli shopping cart has functions such as autonomous navigation, tracking of people, avoidance of obstacles and automatic payment, among others. More information: Antena 3... Read More

Robotnik has just launched the new website: Robotnik Logistics!

Robotnik is a reference in Europe in mobile service robotics. In 2008, we introduced the first Collaborative Mobile Robot (CMR) for autonomous indoor transport in hospitals. After that, the Robotnik solution has been extended to different environments. Why? One of the main goals of companies is to obtain the maximum efficiency, and with a CMR you can... Read More

The profit of collaborative robots for SME’s

The 4.0 industry is a challenge for all the companies now. However, a lot of them are SMEs that can’t invest in complex robots to improve its productivity. For these companies, robotics sector has a solution: collaborative robots (cobots). Within this context, Collaborative Mobile Robots (CMR) become a great tool to workers in logistics tasks.... Read More

De mayor quiero ser… ingeniera en robótica

De mayor quiero ser… científica es una de las acciones vinculadas a la iniciativa de divulgación científica Científicas en Biomedicina, una carrera de fondo coordinada por Joana Magalhaes (Instituto de Investigación Biomédica de A Coruña-INIBIC) y financiada por la Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología (FECYT). El principal objetivo de este proyecto es acercar a la sociedad la investigación... Read More

European Robotics Forum 2018 (ERF2018)

The robotics community in Europe will be attending the next week (13-15 Mach, Tampere, Filand) the  European Robotics Forum 2018 (ERF2018). Robotnik team and some of our mobile robots and mobile manipulators (as XL-MICO) look forward to meeting you! Furthermore, ERF2018 is the unique robotics event that offers over 50 information-filled workshops with presentations by leading... Read More

Robotnik Logistics, a reliable solution for indoor transport

  Robotnik introduces its new logistics website, with all its AGVs portfolio for indoor transport tasks. Robotnik will be attending Logimat 2018, where RB-1 Base and RB-2 Base Collaborative Mobile Robots will be shown. RB-1 Base 50 Kg payload and lifting system option RB-2 Base Robust and compact robot

Robots to Re-Construction (BOTS2Rec)

The goal of BOTS2Rec is introducing, testing and validating an operational process for the automated removal of asbestos contamination at a real world rehabilitation site using a robotic system. Take a look to the Project video! →

Robot Gift Guide 2017

Any time of year is the perfect time to buy a robot for yourself or someone who needs more robots in their life, but this particular time of year is even more perfect than most: The holidays are approaching, all kinds of things are on sale, and nobody will ask questions if a whole bunch... Read More
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