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Robotnik signs distribution agreement with Smokie Robotics

Robotnik Automation, leading manufacturer of mobile and manipulator platforms, has just signed a distribution agreement with Smokie Robotics, one of the leading manufacturers and providers of the modularized open unit robots. Under agreement, Robotnik, as an official distributor in Europe, will bring to universities, industry and researchers throughout Europe, one of the most versatile, lightweight... Read More

Robotnik supports ELROB 2016 teams with discounts on their robots

Teams created by professional users of robots, designers and manufacturers from the robotic industry and universities or research institutes are called to the 9th European Land Robot Trial and the 6th Military ELROB which will take place between the 20th and the 24th of June 2016 in Austria. Robotnik, as an official supporter, is offering... Read More

The autonomous vehicle at newspaper El Mundo

El Mundo journal has written an article in its  supplement about the autonomous train  developed by Robotnik for the maintenance and inspection of the underground interconnection between France and Spain. In its article is remarkable the participation of Robotnik  for bringing the automation to difficult environments to reach. The newspaper article talks about the characteristics and possible uses... Read More

Robotnik is a supporter of the euRathlon 2015 Challenge

Teams from universities, research labs and Industry in general are called to the next euRathlon 2015 Challenge from the 17th to 25th September, Italy. The outdoor robotics competition will test the teams in a realistic emergency environment inspired in the Fukushima accident. Each team needs robots for land, underwater and flying fields and Robotnik is... Read More

Robotnik introduces RB-1, its new mobile manipulator

RB-1 is the new robot of Robotnik, a mobile manipulator designed with extensibility and modularity for research and application customization. RB-1 uses actuators corresponding with the product range Dynamixel PRO; these servo-actuators integrate controller and servo-amplifier inside the actuator housing. The arm has an anthropomorphic configuration of 7 DOF plus 1 DOF to elevate the torso... Read More

The importance of data management in Vinbot project

VINBOT is an all-terrain autonomous mobile robot with a set of sensors capable of capturing and analysing vineyard images and 3D data by means of cloud computing applications, to determine the yield of vineyards and to share information with the winegrowers. VINBOT responds to a need to boost the quality of European wines by implementing precision... Read More

Prosthetic research with Barrett Hands and WAM arms

A hand with a sense of touch it’s something that amputees and prosthetic hand researchers have been acutely aware of for a long time, but creating robotic hands with a this kind of sense isn’t trivial. Veronica Santos, PhD in UCLA, is performing a research to advance prosthetic hands and arms and make them feel like a native limb.... Read More

Robotnik receives renewal of ISO 9001:2008 certification

With the renewal of the ISO 9001:2008 for the design, manufacture and commercialisation of products and systems based on robotics technology, Robotnik confirms its commitment with quality, trying to go beyond the expectations of our customers. The ISO 9001:2008 is the basis of quality management systems, because it is an international standard that focuses on all elements of... Read More

Robotnik will be present at MWC and ERF 2015

Mobile World Congress Barcelona (MWC) is one of the most important technological events worldwide, just taking a look at the numbers of the last edition, which was attended by 75,000 visitors, and conferences of influential people as Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, or Jan Koum founder of Whatsapp, give us an idea of the importance of the event.... Read More

Robotnik was present in the IV GMV Robotics Day

One more year, with the purpose to show the current situation of robotics and its many applications, was held the “IV GMV Robotics Day”, within the European Robotics Week (25-30 November), with over 300 events related to robotics in Europe. Robotnik was present with a Summit XL mobile platform along with a MICO robotic arm of Kinova Inc.

Schunk launches its new SVH robotic hand

The SVH robotic hand of Schunk faithfully reproduces the size, shape, appearance and mobility of a human hand. With its nine drivers, allows to the five fingers to carry out various operations grip and handling, even in unstructured and unpredictable environments. Available in two versions, as left hand or as right hand, is fully integrated... Read More

A Spanish robot to clean the pool of nuclear power plants

Las centrales nucleares son uno de los entornos de trabajo más críticos que existen. GD Energy Services (DGES), anteriormente Grupo Dominguis, centra todos sus esfuerzos en mejorar la seguridad de estas instalaciones y facilitar el día a día de los empleados. El cerebro de su innovación es Titania (spin-off de la empresa y de la... Read More

Barrett has just launched Proficio at the ACRM’14 of Toronto

Barrett introduces the research edition of Proficio to the world today at the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine Conference (ACRM’14), being held in Toronto, Canada. Proficio has the largest 3D haptics-force-field ever produced for the exploration of neuroplasticity of the brain. It is hoped that this device will soon be applicable to patients recovering from... Read More

Robot in Search, new reseller of Robotnik in Australia

Robot in Search is the new reseller of Robotnik in Australia. This company has a broad experience in robotic field, where it’s a reference among academic institutions, engineers, scientists and researchers. Robot in Search are located Australia (Sydney), Canada (Toronto) and USA (Washington). According the agreement, the australian company distributes all the mobile platforms and... Read More

New ROS driver available for the Barrett robotic Hand

Robotnik developed a new ROS package for the Barrett Hand BH8-28X which allows the control of the hand either in velocity or position, while reading the current state of the joints and the sensors (fingertip torque and tactile sensors). Moreover, the software includes packages with the model description and a graphical interface to interact with... Read More

“MoveIt!” in Robotnik’s mobile manipulation

The last newsletter of CEA refers to “MoveIt!”, ROS software, which allows working easily with robotic arms and mobile manipulators. This software has already been implemented in some products of Robotnik, as the new humanoid torso, CROM. http://www.ceautomatica.es/sites/default/files/upload/10/files/CEA_GTRob_boletin23.pdf      

“MoveIt!” a standard for manipulation mobile

As its authors state, “MoveIt!” is an open source software for ROS (Robot Operating System) which is state of the art software for mobile manipulation. In fact, we could state that “MoveIt!” is becoming a de facto standard in the mobile robotics field, as more than 65 robots are using this software nowadays, including the... Read More

EL PAÍS reviews the entrepeneurial achievements of Robotnik

The Spanish newspaper EL PAÍS highlights in its technology blog “ENTRE REPLICANTES” the entrepreneurial success of Robotnik and how it has developed itself into the world of robotics over the years. Moreover, it emphazises our achievements despite the continuous difficulties for SMEs to finance projects.    

Japanese Phone Company starts using robots in their stores as shop assistants

Softbank, the Japanese telecommunications company, presented a robot able to communicate with people and perform their emotions. This robot will act as a shop assistant on their stores and will be launched to domestic market in 2015. More information: http://spectrum.ieee.org/automaton/robotics/home-robots/pepper-aldebaran-softbank-personal-robot    

AGVS: a new platform for intrahospital logistics with ROS

Robotnik has just launched to the market its AGVS platform with ROS architecture. It is an autonomous robot designed to transport logistics inside a hospital. The software of AGVS includes simulation and control packages in different work environments, maps generation, localization and route definition. AGVS mobile platform is known for its traction system with two motors controlling direction... Read More

Robotnik, official distributor in Europe of UBR-1

Unbounded Robotics and Robotnik have just signed the agreement according to which our company becomes the official and exclusive distributor of UBR-1 in Europe. UBR-1 is an advanced mobile robot designed for robotic researchers and businesses. The team of Willow Garage alumni has developed  a mobile manipulation platform that offers state-of-the-art software and a sophisticated hardware exterior with... Read More

End of the successful European Project RUBICON

The 23rd of May took place the final review meeting of the FP7 RUBICON Project. The RUBICON Project (Robotic UBIquitous COgnitive Network) has developed an architecture that integrates networks of sensors and actuators with robots, with the capabilities of learning and adapting. The project has demonstrated its utility in 4 different scenarios, 3 of them... Read More

Barrett excels at Hand-Eye Coordination

Barrett Technology has announced that it will begin offering a full-sensor-suite for its BarrettHand under the protection of US Patent 7,168,748 whose claims cover the addition of cameras and other sensors on the finger and palm surfaces of a robotic hand. The new suite consists of stereo vision, a white LED for target illumination, a... Read More

Robotnik participates in VinBot project

The VinBot technology responds to a need to boost the quality of European wines through the robotics. European Researchers from Spain and Portugal will work on a three-year research to develop the precision viticulture tool in the face of serious market threats worldwide and structural shortcomings within the sector. VinBot is a FP7 project. Researchers at Robotnik (Valencia), the Higher... Read More

Robotnik will be present at Innorobo 2014

As in the last edition, Robotnik will attend as exhibitor Innorobo 2014, that will be held in Lyon (France) from 18th until 20th of March. Innorobo is one of the most important events of robotic sector in Europe. Robotnik will show some of their mobile platforms, such as Summit XL or Turtlebot 2. We invite you to visit our... Read More

Aldebaran gives you a NAO robot

Aldebaran Robotics has launched an interesting campaign in Spain until next March 31 th. For each NAO Next Genrobot you buy you will get a second one for free, until end of the stock, If you are interested, please, contact us: info@robotnik.es

Robotnik at ‘III GMV Robotics Day’

Robotnik attended the ‘III GMV Robotics Day’, an event which aims to show the current state of robotic technologyand its many applications. Robotnik  made ​​an exhibition with  X-WAM robot. The event, which is part of the various events planned within the European Robotics Week, has had an outstandingimpact on the mass media:   –          ANTENA 3 –          INFODEFENSA –          EFE –          PÚBLICO.ES –          RNE

Robotics Day – Sener – CAR-UPM/CSIC – ITM

En esta jornada Robotnik presentó los resultados del proyecto RESCUER y se realizaron diversas demostraciones por parte de los diferentes participantes. Entre las demostraciones hay que destacar los resultados del proyecto europeo RHEA (Flotas de robots para una gestión agrícola y forestal altamente efectiva), la demostración del equipo multi-robot de reconocimiento realizando búsquedas cooperativas desarrollado... Read More

SMEs on Horizon 2020

European SMEs represent the 98% of the whole European business sector, employing more than 87 million people (2/3 of the total European employment) and generating the 60% of the European value added. Nevertheless, despite these amazing numbers, only the 25% of the SMEs are internationally active. As we know, Horizon 2020 is the new financial... Read More

The diario.es goes over Robotnik’s history

After 11 years of experience, Robotnik is now recognized internationally as a leading company in the field of robotics.Internationalization, technological innovation with continuous release of new products and adaptation to market needs, are some of the success factors. The diario.es talks about these achievements.

ROBOY – the most advanced humanoid robot in the world

A unique project team, composed of academics and industry representatives, has been working on ROBOY since June 2012. The team combines the latest discoveries of university research with the invaluable experience of the industry sector, to reach the most state-of-the-art robotic technology. It has a human form and boasts of being the “most advanced humanoid... Read More

Boston Dynamics from DARPA for New Stealthy, Bulletproof LS3

You’d think that Boston Dynamics would be all kinds of busy building (and supporting) a small army of Atlas robots for the DARPA Robotics Challenge. But, it looks like they’ve somehow managed to find the time to continue working on all of their other systems as well, like BigDog‘s big brother, LS3. Last week, DARPA committed to investing an extra $10... Read More

A Robot controlled from brain activity

Some researchers at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche, Valencian Community, are working for more than a year in the development of a robot whose movements are controlled from the brain activity of a person. The aim of this work is to improve the quality of life for people with limited mobility in their hands due... Read More

Robotnik, winner of the EIBT Award

Robotnik, supported in its creation and consolidation by the CEEI Valencia (European Center for Innovative Enterprises), has been the winner in the category “Trajectory” of the EIBT National Award, that National Association of CEEIs in Spain (ANCES) given annually to the best Innovative Technology Companies supported by national centers. Several factors have been decisive for... Read More

6th European Conference on Mobile Robot

Robotnik será patrocinador oficial del ECMR ‘13, el foro bienal europeo, abierto a nivel internacional, que permite a la comunidad de investigadores de robótica en toda Europa, conocer los últimos logros de la investigación y las innovaciones en robótica móvil y en sistemas móviles humano- robot. ECMR ’13 se celebrará en Barcelona desde el 25 hasta... Read More

Artificial intelligence will make about 45% of the current work

A scientific study by researchers at Oxford University says that within two decades nearly half of the jobs will not be executed by humans. In reaching this conclusion, Carl Benedikt, Frey’ team, examined how certain trades are predisposed to be made by computers, robots or artificial intelligence. Evaluating 702 kinds of jobs, he faced all... Read More

Robots provide humans work more and more

It is increasingly common to see robots make our lives easier. In Geneva airport  there is a new employee , ” RobbI “, the first android in the world,  designed to welcome newcomers and guide passengers to some of the most sought places, such as ATMs , restrooms or special baggage counter . During the... Read More

Robots allies of autistic children

Despite its apparent simplicity, human communication is an overwhelmingly complex process. Look at face, gesturing, recognize the emotions of another, play, express themselves, interact … they are everyday simple tasks, that affect us by the ease with which we perform, but the reality is that the volume of information behind these actions is impressive and... Read More

New Kinova MICO arm

A new era in robotic manipulation has begun: thus presents MICO Research Edition, the new robotic arm from Kinova Inc., which is distributed by Robotnik. This lightweight manipulator is the perfect choice for a multitude of service robotics applications, especially in mobile manipulation applications. The little brother of JACO give the opportunity to many roboticists to... Read More

The Robotics Revolution will arrive in 2030

The prediction that Bill Gates made six years ago on the rise of robotics, it’s now corroborated by experts, even as they put the robotic revolution date: 2030. The forecast is part of a recent study by Robert Manning ,from Atlantic Council Institute, which ensures that already in 2030 robots could help humans in all... Read More

Robotnik, robotic customized solutions

As in the United States there is Forbes, a magazine specialized in the world of business and finance, that each year publishes lists of great interest to the business environment, here, in Spain, there is The Confidential, a Spanish online newspaper of general information, specialized in economic and financial news. The Confidential has recently published... Read More

New Robot generation that can self- adapt to the environment

Rodney Brooks, famous for his pioneering work of creating insectoid robots at MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA, and later by the success of domestic robots from the iRobot Company that he co-founded, simply needs to do new things, like any creative mind. Now, through the new company Rethink Robotics, is developing robots that... Read More

Goosebusters, UAVs vs Geese in Ottawa

Having a look into the Americas, we observe the different uses for drones in the USA (mainly for warfare and spying) and their Canadian neighbours, who address for other types of applications. Steve Wambolt was hired by the city of Ottawa as part of a pilot project to scare away Canada geese from Petrie Island,... Read More