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IJCAI-11: International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

The upcoming 19th to 22nd of July, Robotnik Automation will be attending the  “IJCAI-11: International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence“. We will do a demo of: – Summit Mobile Robot. – Guardian Mobile Platform. – Humanoid NAO. – Barrett Hand. The platform has high mobility and it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications and can easily overcome obstacles... Read More

XII Workshop of Physical Agents 2011

The upcoming 5th and  6th of September, Robotnik Automation will be attending the “WAF 2011: XII Workshop of Physical Agents 2011″. Our booth will be located at the Escuela Superior de Ingeniería informática. During the forum we will show the full range of products we have currently on the market (mobile platforms, robotic arms and hands …)... Read More

Aldebaran News

Aldebaran Robotics SA announced today that the company has raised US$13 million in new venture funding. The series C round of financing was led by Intel Capital, with additional participation from its current investors,CDC Innovation, iSource and Crédit Agricole Private Equity. Aldebaran Robotics currently manufactures and sells advanced, programmable humanoid robots, with the aim of... Read More

Mobile Robot Guardian available in ROS

ROS is an open-source, meta-operating system for robots which provides the services expected from an operating system, including hardware abstraction, low-level device control, implementation of commonly-used functionality, message-passing between processes, and package management. Robotnik has developed the ROS driver that allows its simulation in Gazebo as well as the real control of the hardware of the... Read More

NAO News

UNCW formed a new autism research committee to explore how the ‘Humanoids’ may be used to help autistic children socialize and learn basic skills. According to UNCW, the committee is composed of researchers from the education, computer science, and economics department, and TEACCH Autism Program at UNC Chapel Hill, in collaboration with the UNCW Watson... Read More

Barrett DVD

Please fill out the form you will find on the contact section to receive this DVD and you will know more about he new Barrett Hand and WAM Arm. Don´t miss this opportunity to know more about one of the best products on the market.  

Kinect también en Player/Stage

El dispositivo de Microsoft, cada vez más utilizado en aplicaciones de desarrollo de robótica ha sido migrado a la arquitectura Player/Stage. Está disponible para Player/Stage 3.0.2.

Robotnik will be attending Ayri11

The upcoming 1th and 2nd of June, Robotnik Automation will be attending the “ Ayri11“. We will be presenting our Modular Robotic Arm. The  Modular Robotic Arm includes modular servo-actuators. These actuators are composed of a motor-gearbox, a power stage and a controller, so the resulting arm does not need an external control unit. Thus,... Read More

IMPIVA Director praised the investment of Robotnik in R&D

The  Director of the Institute of the Small and Medium Industry (IMPIVA), Daniel Moragues, recently visited Robotnik where he said “is of great interest that Valencian companies work in R&D for high-tech products such as robotics and this is known by the operators and society in general. ” The Institute of the Small and Medium... Read More

New loading station for NAO

Aldebaran Robotics has just introduced a prototype of a loading station for NAO robot. This prototype can be loaded alone, NAO just need to locate the station and connect through it back to keep working. NAO sits waiting until the battery is loaded and when it is done, the robot gets up and disconnect the... Read More

Modular Arm available in ROS

ROS is an open-source, meta-operating system for robots which provides the services expected from an operating system, including hardware abstraction, low-level device control, implementation of commonly-used functionality, message-passing between processes, and package management. Robotnik has developed the ROS driver that allows its simulation in Gazebo as well as the real control of the hardware of... Read More

Nao Robot available in ROS

Nao Robot, the most used humanoid in research, it’s already available in ROS. The driver has been developed by the Humanoid Robots Lab of Freiburg and essentially wraps the needed parts of Aldebaran’s NaoQI API and make it available in ROS. I also provides a complete robot model (URDF), making possible the simulation using Gazebo,... Read More

Robotnik signs a distributor agreement with Kinova

Robotnik and Canadian company Kinova have recently signed an agreement for  the distribution in Spain of the Kinova JACO robotic Arm. This robot, which is mainly used in rehabilitation applications, has 6 degrees of freedom and includes an anthropomorphic hand which gives a reach of approximately one meter. It has a load capacity of 1.5kg... Read More

Robotnik will be attending Euro Robot Forum

The upcoming 7th of April, Robotnik Automation will be attending the “2011 European Robotics Forum“.  We will be presenting our Summit Mobile Platform. Summit adds to our broad range of mobile platforms we currently offer, bringing extreme usability and low cost. Each wheel of the robot has a drive motor mounted on each axis with an... Read More

SCHUNK ExpertDays 2011

On February, experts from all over the world met at the 4th annual ExpertDays on Service Robotics, hosted by SCHUNK. The symposium for applied service robotics primarily focused on market development and efficiency. This event made clear that standardized platforms and components can contribute to economic and highly developed solutions. This applies for light-weight arms,... Read More

Barrett Tech. posted record year in 2010

Barrett Technology posted another record year in 2010, bucking the industry by any measure. Once again, top and bottom lines hit all-time highs for Barrett with continued strong demand for its  WAM-arm systems and interest in Barrett’s new fully-integrated Force-Torque sensor and tactile-sensing arrays. According to CEO William Townsend, “Barrett experienced exceptional growth in 2010,... Read More

Robotnik on the TV Show “El Hormiguero”

Robotnik, in collaboration with the Robotic Intelligent Lab. of  the University Jaume I in Castellón, attended the TV show “El Hormiguero“ in Cuatro TV, doing a demonstration of the robot Nao. The demonstration took place on Wednesday March 2. The Nao were practising tai chi and dancing “Thriller“ byMichael Jackson. This magnificent Aldebaran Robotics humanoid... Read More

Robotnik will be attending VISSAPP 2011

The upcoming 5th of March, Robotnik Automation will be attending the “VISSAPP 2011, internacional Conference On Computer vision Theory and Applications”. We will be announcing the debut Humanoide Robot NAO. NAO is a 58-cm tall humanoid robot used for academic purposes worldwide. Fully interactive, fun and permanently evolving, Nao is a standard platform for teaching... Read More

Robotnik will be attending HRI 2011 in Lausanne (Switzerland)

The upcoming 6th, 7th, and 8th of March, Robotnik Automation will be attending the “HRI 2011 Human-Robot Interaction” in Lausanne (Switzerland). During the conference we will show the full range of products we have currently on the market (mobileplatforms, robotic arms and hands …) and answer any questions you have about it. In addition, Robotnik... Read More

The Majoress of Valencia impressed by Nao

As part of the Technological Innovation awards hosted by the newspaper “El Mundo “, Robotnik Automation was invited to show their products, which highlights the importance of Robotnik in this area within the national field. During the awards we talked to the Mayoress of Valencia Rita Barbera who became very interested in robot Nao. She... Read More

Innovator Awards hosted by “El Mundo”

The 14th of December took place in the Valencia Trade Fair the Second Edition of the “Innovator Awards” hosted by the newspaper “El Mundo”. The winners were the Valencian company’s leaders in the field of technological innovation. One of the winners was the Valencian businessman Hector Dominguis, creator of the robot, Tirant III, which has been developed by GrupoDominguis and Robotnik, and which replaces the human being in nuclear power plants pipes maintenance tasks. This award recognizes our leadership in the world of technological innovation and places us at the forefront of the market for service robotics.

Robotnik in the schools

Through this initiative we want to show future generations that robotics is not so far from reality as they can think. Nao Robot shows children that today a robot can do virtually anything. Through these demos the robot dances, tells stories and even play football. In a word, we try to open the field of... Read More

Robotnik – distributor of Aldebaran

Robotnik – spanish distributor of NAO. This humanoid robot, used by the most advanced robotic labs among the world, is an unbeatable tool for Research and Education and is also the standard platform for Robocup – “Robot Soccer World Cup”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIuRc1r_N34 http://www.aldebaran-robotics.com/  

XI Workshop of Physical Agents – Valencia 2010

The upcoming 9th of September Robotnik Automation will be at “XI Workshop of Physical Agents 2010” at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. At 19:00 there will be a presentation about the different applications of several of our products: –Barrett Hand –WAM -Modular Robotic Arm –Mobile Platform Guardian –Mobile Platform Summit We invite you to come to the Polytechnic University... Read More

Robotnik: Leader in the Robotic logistics sector

On the 14th of June the newspaper “El Mundo” published a three page spread of the important agreement recently reached between Robotnik and the Valencian General Government. Under that agreement Robotnik will provide  The Hospital La Fe in Valencia with six auto-guided robots that will transport – among other hospital goods – pharmaceuticals and residual... Read More

2010 National Conference of Robotics

Past 17th of May, within the National Conference of Robotics, we did perform at the University of Málaga a demonstration of the new version of Guardian Mobile Platform and show the full range of Robotnik products.  

New Barrett Hand BH8-280

On the 3rd of May Anchorage (USA) will host the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), during this event Barrett Technology will present the new generation of Barrett Hand to the world, the BH8-280.  

Article in the spanish newspaper “El Mundo”

The previous Third of May the supplement “Innovadores” of the newspaper “El Mundo” conducted an extensive article about the different applications of our mobile platforms. The article focused on two of our mobile platforms, Guardian and Rescuer, highlighting different applications such as explosive ordenance disposal, toxic gas detection and disinfection of contaminated sites and others.... Read More

Reportaje sobre Robotnik en los Informativos de Canal 9

Los informativos de Canal 9 emitieron el pasado día 03/05/2010 un amplio reportaje acerca nuestro catalogo de productos.La televisión valenciana destaco las diferentes aplicaciones de nuestras plataformas móviles Rescuer y Guardian haciendo especial hincapié en aplicaciones de seguridad y protección civil. Un reportaje que pone de relieve la importancia de nuestra empresa en el campo... Read More

National Days of Robotics 2009

On the 17th of June, during the National Days of Robotics, we are holding a presentation in Madrid at the University Carlos III, where we will be demonstrating the uses of the Barrett Wam Arm and the Barrett Hand. At this presentation, Mr. William T. Townsend – who is the president of Barrett Technology – will... Read More

IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics

Robotnik took part in the IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics ’09 in order to show its’ products. The goal of this biennial conference is to provide a forum to discuss the state-of-the-art of mechatronics, to present recent research results and prospects for development.

Barrett Technology and RE2, Inc. Selected by DARPA to Lead the Autonomous Robotic Manipulator (ARM) Research Program

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) recently announced a new initiative to create robotic autonomous manipulators that mimic human arms and hands. DARPA will use RE2, Inc. and Barrett Technology, Inc, to provide the program’s government furnished hardware, software, integration services, and manipulation expertise for this multi-year robotics research program. Both are leading U.S.-based... Read More

Barrett Technology at CeBIT’09

At the opening of CeBIT’09, Barrett Technology, a company of which Robotnik is a dealer at a European level, held a demonstration with the assistance of the Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.  


Robotnik has been in the practic demostración of the Guardians Project. This project is oriented to give firemen support in very hard circumstances. This test counted with the Castellón Firemen Consortium, and was made in the Jaume I University.

Guardian is launched

Robotnik presents its new GUARDIAN robot. It has a very high mobility and is complemented by one or two hydraulic arms with a high load force, a stereo vision head and an advanced telecontrol.  

Robotnik flies to the Hannover’s fair

Robotnik was in the Hannover fair in MasMicro’s project stand to make it’s new line of products known. Hannover’s fair is an anual essential date. There can be found the most important innovations in many technological fields. .

Feria de Bilbao

Robotnik was present with it’s partner Shunk in the fair “Bienal de la Maquina-Herramienta” of Bilbao to introduce it’s new Modular Arm.


Robotnik is a new member of EURON, the “European Robotics Research Network” . EURON is a community of people with a common interest: robots. Its purpose is to bring together the best groups and resources in research, industry and education in Europe and to demonstrate Europe’s world class position in robotics.  


Robotnik, new member of  EUROP (European Robotics Platform).