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HR-Recycler will target the development of a ‘hybrid human-robot recycling plant for electrical and electronic equipment’ operating in an indoor environment. The fundamental aim of the system (and its great innovation potential) will be to replace multiple currently manual, expensive, hazardous and time-consuming tasks of WEEE materials pre-processing with correspondingly automatic robotic-based procedures (categorization of electric/electronic devices, disassembling them, sorting of device components), before the materials are eventually provided as input to a fine shredding.

Robotnik will implement the system for realising the component sorting. The system will be based on a robotic platform that will be responsible to take the extracted device components from the disassembly workbench, and bring them to their, collective destination within the factory floor. Two different smart mechatronics solutions will be implemented. The first will undertake the tasks of grabbing and component/fraction classification/separation. To achieve this, a robotic arm with an appropriate size electric gripper will be mounted on the robot flange. The second solution will be an AGV for transporting the extracted device components to their final destination. This AGV will be able to carry different loads or materials and to integrate other components or platforms. RGBD sensors (Asus Xtion, Kinect One, etc.) will be mounted on the top of the platform for navigation and positioning. The AGV will either stop or find an alternative route to avoid obstacles and reach the next waypoint. This robotic platform will be further enhanced by a conveyor-belt based mechatronic system on top of it.

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