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Collaborative mobile manipulator (CMM)
for industrial tasks

Any company, regardless of its size, can improve its productivity thanks to the RB-KAIROS series.


These are the reasons to incorporate collaborative mobile robotics in your company:


Quick and easy start-up

Our robots work with free navigation through security lasers. Therefore, it is not necessary to modify the working environment with any additional physical elements (magnetic tape, magnets, beacons, etc.).
This allows the commissioning to be carried out in better times and with greater efficiency.


Flexibility and scalability

Thanks to free navigation, robots can work in different areas within the same facilities. The robot fleet is scalable: from a unit to all those that might be needed.


Flexible routes

The Collaborative Mobile Manipulators (CMM) differ from the traditional AGV in the flexibility of their routes thanks to free navigation. They save fixed and dynamic obstacles and can redirect their route.



Our robots are completely autonomous and collaborative, which means that they share the workspace with people safely.

Greater security

Automation of tasks that are tedious, repetitive or even dangerous for people.

Smart functions

They can incorporate functions such as people tracking, auto-coupling to machinery, voice communication, etc.

Easy operation

Thanks to the advanced user interface developed by Robotnik, any operator can interact and give orders to robots, and receive information in real time.

Easy fleet management

The Fleet Management System optimally coordinates the robot fleet and the shared resources of the company (corridors, elevators, etc.).

The RB-KAIROS series is specially designed for mobile handling tasks in the industry:

· Handling (pick & place)
· Loading / positioning
· Assembly
· Screwing, drilling, etc.
· Inspection and verification

The RB-KAIROS series consists of three versions:

    • RB-Kairos 3 (3 kg payload).
    • RB-Kairos 5 (5 kg payload).
    • RB-Kairos 10 (10 kg payload).
    • RB-Kairos 16 (16 kg payload).



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Dimensions (folded arm)
RB-KAIROS 3 → 847 x 663 x 767 mm 
RB-KAIROS 5 → 847 x 663 x 784 mm
RB-KAIROS 10 → 847 x 663 x 950 mm

RB-KAIROS 3 → 115 kg
RB-KAIROS 5 → 125 kg
RB-KAIROS 10 → 135 kg

Loading capacity of the platform
105 kg | ≤ 250 kg

Arm load capacity
RB-KAIROS 3 → 3 kg
RB-KAIROS 5 → 5 kg
RB-KAIROS 10 → 10 kg

Arm reach
RB-KAIROS 3 → 500 mm
RB-KAIROS 5 → 850 mm
RB-KAIROS 10 → 1.300 mm

2 m/s

Enclosure class

8 hours in continuous motion

Temperature range
0° to +50°C

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