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The main outcome of RB-LOG will be the development of a cost-effective fleet of robots governed by a flexible Fleet Management System (FSM) performing autonomous indoor logistic transport at small buildings of semi structured human environments. The fleet will be flexible and easily adaptable to a diverse range of architectures and building operating models. Such environments could be hospitals, clinical sites, care centers, hotels, restaurants, company premises or retail shops.

Our goal is to develop a new, cost-effective, robotic indoor transport solution that will be specially suited for small residences, hotels, supermarkets/warehouses and other small semi-structured buildings and will automate the transport process and free workforce for tasks that entail higher added value. To this end, Robotnik, UBITECH and SingularLogic Cy will develop RB-LOG, a modular, adaptable hardware and software system, comprising autonomous transport robots that will be coordinated by an intuitive, flexible, Fleet Management System (FMS).

RB-LOG will employ novel sensor technology and optimised FMS software in order to provide the most cost-effective and fastest to install solution and lower the transportation costs by 50 % – 80 %. The fleet management system will be easily interfaced to intra-logistics software in order to automate the whole value chain from the back-end to the customer/patient point. In addition, the proposed system shall increase the service quality by providing traceability during delivery and controlled environmental conditions which are especially useful for hospitals, hotels and the food industry.

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