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Robotnik signs distribution agreement with Smokie Robotics

Robotnik Automation, leading manufacturer of mobile and manipulator platforms, has just signed a distribution agreement with Smokie Robotics, one of the leading manufacturers and providers of the modularized open unit robots.

Under agreement, Robotnik, as an official distributor in Europe, will bring to universities, industry and researchers throughout Europe, one of the most versatile, lightweight and successful arm robotics .

Smokie Robotics, with an ample experience in robotic field, provides robotic arms which use open software architecture and open source software packages to facilitate application developments. As all the robotic products in Robotnik, OUR-1 run on ROS.

This robotic arm, OUR-1, perfectly fits on our mobile platforms and allows to increase our product catalog.

Among its many benefits, OUR-1 enables users to reconfigure the robot system from 3 to 7 DOFs to meet specific application requirements. Its Open Robot Controller will provide to users a perfect control movement of robot and safety inspection.

The team of Smokie Robotics is unstoppable and is already designing a new version of the OUR, the OUR-2.

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