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The robots develop different tasks in agriculture field. The main application is at the harvesting stage. The jobs involved in agriculture are not straightforward and many repetitive tasks, so a robot can be a useful tool.

In this sense, the research about robotics agriculture has been growing. The idea is to find new applications or uses to the robot in this field.

Nowadays, the mobile platform Summit XL designed by Robotnik has being used in several research projects in agriculture, as Agrirobot or VinBot.

Success cases – AgriRobot Project

Robotnik’s Summit XL is the mobile platform used for AgriRobot Project. Summit XL is a medium-sized high mobility platform and has skid-steering kinematics based on 4 high power motor wheels. The robot mounts a serena electric sprayer with capacity to 10 liters. Summit XL uses ROS software and has a vision system, navigation and localization.

The project deals with the aspect of human-robot interaction (HRI) and how humans can interact efficiently and effectively with robots to carry out agricultural tasks. The research methodology focuses on the area of the user interface (UI) design, implementation and evaluation, specifically for a human-robot interaction system.

More information: http://slidesha.re/1z6AUDz or watch the video


Autonomous cloud-computing vineyard robot to optimize yield management and wine quality. VinBot is an all-terrain autonomous mobile robot with a set of sensors capable of capturing and analysing vineyard images and 3D data by means of cloud computing applications, to determine the yield of vineyards and to share this information with the winegrowers.

VinBot responds to a need to boost the quality of European wines by implementing precision viticulture (PV) to estimate the yield (amount of fruit per square metre of vine area: kg/m2). Winegrowers need to be able to estimate yield accurately to perform yearly canopy management techniques, and harvest vineyard areas sequentially, according to the optimal ripeness of the grape in each area, which improves wine quality.

More information: http://vinbot.eu/