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Inspection and Maintenance

Get the automation in to difficult or dangerous environments is one of the purposes of robotics. Keeping people away from this environment and optimizing the work is the purpose of a robot.

Maintenance and inspection are related with some monotonous and repetitive operations, the purpose of introduce a robot in this tasks are reduce the costs due to fatigue or inattention.

Success cases – Inspection and maintenance

A vehicle for the maintenance service of the service tunnel with the electrical interconnection between France and Spain.

Robotnik has developed a vehicle to perform the maintenance work inside the tunnel between France and Spain. The robot is autonomous, so it works without requiring the intervention of people in inspection works.

The vehicle incorporates a large range of sensors, which provides information about the status of the installations inside the tunnel. Moreover, the vehicle is able to carry three people and the appropriate equipment in order to carry out the maintenance.

Technical characteristics:

Dimensions: wide 1.815m. x 5,240m. xl 2.410m.

Weight: 3200 kg.

Power: 33.6 kW.

Payload: 3 people and 300kg of equipment.

Sensor equipment:  vision cameras, thermographic cameras and gas sensors.