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In the health sector, cost optimization and execution task times reduction are two determining factors. Hospitals are large buildings that require implementing automation wherever possible. This is where autonomous robots are involved, being able to carry heavy loads between different hospital areas, without causing any risk to people with its sensing.

Success cases – AGVS

AGVS Robotnik is a power autonomous robot created to perform transport tasks in hospitals or health centers. This mobile platform, which can lift up to 500 kg load, is equipped with a mechanical braking system designed to interfacing safely with people.

The mobile robot AGVS can be supplied as a separate platform or integrated into a specific engineering project.

Robotnik provides turn-key for integrated solution. The fleet of robots is supplied with the installation on the environment and fleet management software SGF.

The fleet of robots includes a number of AGVS robots that perform transport in the hospital. Fleet sizing is given by simulation transport loads, different scheduling policies and taking into account the management of shared resources.

Installation on Hospital ranges from interfacing with warehouse systems, to interconnect with the elevators, doors, etc., and the different mechanisms to detect carts handling by operators. The installation also includes the installation of charging stations where the robot can dock and recharge itself autonomously.

The SGF is software that allows receiving transport missions from different sources (warehouse system, operators, etc…) or activating such orders based on internal pre-programmed rules. The SGF combines various planners and manages the fleet by assigning tasks to each subsystem and robots. In this way, the transportation of materials occurs optimally without interlocks and their reverse logistics. The SGF also allows monitoring of the fleet in real time and the management of maintenance of each robot. The application provides multiple via web services allowing system operators to access the interface from hand-held devices.