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The SMOOTH project aims to propose a novel robotassisted decision making system in smart firefighting to perform searching and rescuing practice in the fire ground, and to facilitate the decision makings with higher efficiency.

Over the years, changes in modern infrastructure have introduced new challenges to firefighting practices. Training and research programs have been developed to manage these challenges but there are still significant losses from fires each year.

The firefighting and rescue functions of the existing equipment and apparatus and their dexterity are limited, particularly in the harsh firefighting environments.

SMOOTH S&T aim to provide a cognitive, functionalized, accessible firefighting platform that undertakes smart firefighting operations with improved H2R interaction & DSS that deliver a concretized recommendation across the firefighting & rescue process.

SMOOTH knowledge transfer aim is to create a long term, sustainable & strategic partnership (a centre of excellence) & reinforce theoretical, technical & practical knowledge & multi-disciplinary skills of individuals from academy & industry at the European & global levels on a consecutive basis.

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