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Yujin Robot

Robotnik is the distributor in Europe of Yujin Robot Co. Ltd., a company that has been a leading in the area of industrial robot, MEMS test handler and manufacturing automation system with the state of the art technology for more than 15 years. The company is moving forward to Service Robotics, aiming to achieve intelligent applications with robots.

TurtleBot 2
TurtleBot 2 has been developed by Yujin Robotics in collaboration with the American company Willow Garage. TurtleBot 2, the evolution of the TurtleBot platform, is the cheapest robot in the market with ROS architecture. TurtleBot 2 is intended to the field of research and education. This differential kinematics mobile platform can be used for multiple applications. TurtleBot comes with an open-source SDK based on ROS to help to develop applications right out of the box. It is the easier way to get started with robotics, thanks to the Kobuki base, a 1powerful platform designed specifically for the TurtleBot.

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